Hello Mum’s and Dad’s

My name is Vivian Reusink
I have been working now  since 2005 as a childminder and have sucessfully completed a Dutch government initiative called an “Experience certificate” (EVC).
This means that i am a professional childminder and i am registered in the national childminders register. I am also certified in childrens first aid.

Viv’s oppashuis is situated in Weesp with a front and back garden.
There is enough choice of outside toys for all age groups.

Inside the children are also spoilt for choice, from rattles to puzzels and books. Something for all ages.

To save you carrying all your equipement daily, i have a wide range of cots, beds and a playpen. I even have a buggy and double pushchair for all our none walkers.

Although this information is in English and i also speak good English, i am obligated by Dutch law to communicate with your child in Dutch. This helps with their developement and prepares them for school.

Opening times are from monday to friday from 07:00 to 20:00

Tel: 06 287 27 503

Adres: Viv’s Oppashuis
J.A. Fijnvandraatlaan 17
1381 ES Weesp

If after reading this you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or mail.